26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge – final round up

Hi! Seeing as we just had the last prompt for the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge, I thought a round up of all the designs I did would be a nice idea. I didn’t manage all of the prompts due to real life stuffs, but I’m happy I achieved as much as I could! So get comfy and look back over the past year of great nail art ideas…

26 Great Nail Art Ideas prompts
26 Great Nail Art Ideas prompts

Blue & Silver – one of my favourite combos. Really liked this design!

#26GNAI - Blue & Silver
#26GNAI – Blue & Silver

Halloween In the Wrong Colours – a pastel take on spider webs. Fun, but it doesn’t really scream Halloween!

#26GNAI - Halloween in the wrong colours
#26GNAI – Halloween in the wrong colours

Black Base. I did red roses using Uberchic’s layered stamping plate. Loved this design.

#26GNAI - black base
#26GNAI – black base

Winter Warmth – I went with a fuzzy sweater design.

#26GNAI - Winter warmth
#26GNAI – Winter warmth

Christmas Preparations – I came up with a Christmas present wrapping design. Not one of my favourites, I’m afraid!

#26GNAI - Christmas Preparations
#26GNAI – Christmas Preparations

Red & Pink – one of my favourites, I love geometric designs like this, and I also love the colour scheme!

#26GNAI - Red & Pink
#26GNAI – Red & Pink

Black & White Valentines – I tried to come up with a classy monochrome key & lock design. Not sure it worked as well as it looked in my head!

#26GNAI - Black & White Valentines
#26GNAI – Black & White Valentines

Blue Floral – tone on tone stamping. Simple but I really like the outcome.

#26GNAI - Blue floral
#26GNAI – Blue floral

Mixed Tape – I tried a mani using the dreaded striping tape. Reasonably pleased with the outcome. Still hate tape though.

#26GNAI - Mixed tape
#26GNAI – Mixed tape

Spring Animals – baby ducklings count as animals right? Well they do now!

#26GNAI - Spring Animals
#26GNAI – Spring Animals

Green Freestyle – green manis are never going to be in my favourites. I just don’t like how green looks on me. I like the design of this one though, waterfalls are always winners, just in nicer colours!

#26GNAI - Green Freestyle
#26GNAI – Green Freestyle

Yellow With A Bold Colour – Over the past year or so, I’ve made quite a discovery – I actually like yellow nail polish! This was quite a fun, if extremely loud, design.

#26GNAI - Yellow with a bold colour
#26GNAI – Yellow with a bold colour

The End Of Summer – I went with a freehanded back to school design. Not one of my best, I’m a bit too shaky for freehand really.

26 Great Nail Art Ideas - back to school
26 Great Nail Art Ideas – back to school

Dotting Tools, but not just dots – I came up with dots over a stamped design. Definitely not one of my favourites, but this prompt really stumped me.

#26GNAI challenge - dotting tools
#26GNAI challenge – dotting tools

Autumn – a classic autumn coloured gradient with golden stamped falling leaves. I love this one, I think it was the subtle shimmery colours I used for the background that really made it.

#26GNAI - Autumn
#26GNAI – Autumn

Your Signature Style – it had to be stamping. And a hint of glitter. I threw a gradient in for good measure. Really liked how summery this one looks!

#26GNAI - Your Signature Style
#26GNAI – Your Signature Style

So overall I managed 16 out of the 26 prompts. Oops, less than I thought! I’m tempted to fill in the gaps, so unless I find a new bi-weekly challenge, that’s probably what I’ll do.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my round up, which was your favourite design? Did you do the challenge too?

See you soon,


Jo x


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