#whencolourscollide challenge – Black & White & No Stamping!

Hello! It’s time for the latest #whencolourscollide challenge again. I have scheduled this post, as you read this I will be exploring Reykjavik in Iceland. I’m so excited! As this is a scheduled post, I won’t be able to add the challenge collage at the end like I usually do. So if you’d like to see it, head over to Instagram and search for @whencolourscollide, which is the challenge account.

Anyway, this week’s colours are black and white. My brain started coming up with all sorts of ideas, and then I read on and found that it was another no stamping challenge. Boo!

I dabbled with a few things, discovered that I really can’t drag marble directly on my nails yet (more practice required!) and then decided to try a waterfall mani. Normally I would pick lots of shades for one of these, but black and white don’t have shades! So monochrome it is.

#whencolourscollide challenge - Black & White (no stamping)
#whencolourscollide challenge – Black & White (no stamping)

What I used:

  • MoYou London White Knight
  • MoYou London Black Knight
  • Liquid latex
  • Striping brush
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat

I started with two coats of Black Knight on each nail, except for my accent nail which had two coats of White Knight. I used stamping polish for this so that the white would be opaque over the black. I then painted liquid latex around my cuticles, and used my striping brush to make the feathery flicks down my nails. A coat of topcoat finished off, and unfortunately smeared the white flicks a bit.

#whencolourscollide challenge - Black & White (no stamping)
#whencolourscollide challenge – Black & White (no stamping)

It’s quite a dramatic look, really not me at all! It felt a bit Halloween-y to me – that could just be black nails in general though.

If you’d like to join the next challenge, head over to the When Colours Collide Facebook page and join the group.

See you soon!


Jo x

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