#glamnailschallengejuly – Ladybugs

Hello! It’s the third prompt in the #glamnailschallenge today, which is Ladybugs. Or ladybirds as they are known in the UK.

#glamnailschallengejuly - Ladybirds
#glamnailschallengejuly – Ladybirds

What I used:

  • Khroma Float Flottement (mint green creme)
  • Rimmel Hot Gossip (red creme)
  • MoYou London Black Knight (black stamping polish)
  • MoYou London Princess plate 10
  • Ubermat
  • NYC Grand Central Station (clear polish)
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow
  • Creative Shop Stamper

I started out making my ladybird decals. I painted clear polish on my Ubermat, then when it was dry, stamped on the ladybirds. I then painted them red using Hit Gossip. It dawned on me later that I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I painted them, and indeed, they are a bit messy! But it adds to the charm (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

#glamnailschallengejuly - Ladybugs
#glamnailschallengejuly – Ladybugs

While the decals were drying out, I painted my nails with three coats of the mint green. Khroma seems to be something to be a Kardashian brand, so I didn’t have high expectations of it, especially as I picked it up in a two-pack at Poundland. It was ok, levelled reasonably well, though it did dry to show off my nail ridges more than I’d like. I had to use three coats to cover a lovely blue stain my last mani left me with!

Once the decals had dried out, I peeled them off the mat, trimmed to approximate size, and applied to my nail. I melted away the excess using my clean up brush and acetone. I still haven’t got the knack of cleaning up decals, managed to get black and red polish all in my cuticles.  It looked ok to the eye, but the camera picks up every tiny speck! Finally a coat of HK Girl to protect everything.

#glamnailschallengejuly - Ladybugs
#glamnailschallengejuly – Ladybugs

I really liked these! Unfortunately they didn’t last long as I broke a chunk of nail off on my car door so I had to perform a teabag repair. Cute while they latest though!

See you soon,


Jo x

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