#clairestelle8june challenge – Colour you don’t normally wear

Hi! Today is the second prompt in the #clairestelle8june Instagram challenge – and one I wasn’t looking forwards to much! Colour you don’t normally wear – well that gives me a few choices. I don’t much like nudes, or really pale delicate shades. Or white. I quite like orange, but don’t wear it. However, I settled on yellow and green, and to top it off, made them neons.


What I used:

Model’s Own Bikini (neon yellow)
Model’s Own Flip Flop (neon green)
Barry M Cotton (white creme used as base coat)
MoYou London Cool Pool (green stamping polish)
MoYou London Tropical 12 plate
Clear stamper
Liquid latex
Neon studs from Poundland


I started by painting a white base to make the neons pop. I painted my little finger with Bikini, and my index finger with Flip Flop. I used both shades smushed together on my ring & middle fingers. Unfortunately the shades look so similar it was a bit of a waste of time. Plus it got all in my cuticles! I figured the colour combo was vaguely tropical, so I stamped a tropical leaf pattern over the smush. The glitter was a mistake, and I wish I hadn’t used it.

Can you tell I don’t love these?


I actually do like the green stamping over the yellow background though, so that is something I might try again one day!

If you’d like to see more challenge manis, search for #clairestelle8june on Instagram.

Until next time,

Jo x

One thought on “#clairestelle8june challenge – Colour you don’t normally wear

  1. I think this looks quite fun – like an awesome summer holiday party mani.

    I\’m with you on not really wearing nude or pale & delicate shades. Nude polishes make my hands look red. And delicate pastels aren\’t my thing at all… I occasionally use them as base colours for stamping, but that\’s it.

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