4st lighter with Slimming World!

Whooo I finally get to make a progress post!

Before I start though, I just have to share this. My friend posted it on Facebook last night just before weigh in and it made me snort out loud!

Haha! This was so me over the summer! One step forwards, three steps back. Fingers crossed now though that I’m in a better place and moving forwards again.

So last night I went to weigh in, I was two pounds away from my 4st award, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting to lose at all. I’ve had a picky week, and its that week, so I was thinking half a pound at most. To say I was surprised was an understatement!

For any non-UK folk reading, that’s 56lbs or 25.4kg of useless fat gone! I’m feeling so much better for it, my back problems have reduced, I’m more energetic and I’m getting the confidence to try more things – I went mountain biking at the weekend! It was an easy course (Hicks Lodge in the National Forest if any of you know it) and I only managed one lap, but I did it! And I only fell off once. (Didn’t hurt anything, just bruised my dignity)

Hopefully it won’t be as long to the next award 🙂 I’d really like another 1/2 stone (7lbs) gone before Christmas. 12 weeks to go – I can do it!

See you soon,
Love, Jo x

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