Polish Alcoholic Redrum

Hello! Today, as promised, I’ve got pictures of the gorgeous Polish Alcoholic RedRum to show you. I really love red nails, but red polishes don’t tend to inspire me much. I find there is much less variation in reds than in other shades, and makers often seem to play it safe with just the standard red crème in their collections (I’m looking at you OPI!). I’m always drawn to the blues and purples (and maybe pinks) in a collection, and just skip the reds, yellows, greens and oranges. I’ve just realised I’m quite picky.

However. Browsing through Instagram as I do, I came across a swatch of this dark cherry polish with gold flakies and fell in love. I did hesitate at first when I found out Polish Alcoholic was Dutch, but only because of our postal system and it’s hatred of nail polish. I was reassured that the Royal Mail only destroys nail polish leaving the country, not the ones coming in and so I placed an order.

Look at those flakies! *swoons*


RedRum is a brownish red shimmer with flakies that change from red to orange to yellow to green depending on the light. I found it a little difficult to apply at first – if you use thin coats it dries very fast and drags easily. Thicker coats made application much, much easier. My photos show three coats, two will probably be fine but I liked the extra depth of colour.


I managed to catch a flash of green in this one! Such a beautiful polish, and a perfect colour for autumn.

RedRum is part of Polish Alcoholic’s Fall 2015 collection, and is available from their Etsy store. Prices will fluctuate depending on euro exchange rates, but is around £6.50 for 10ml. I can’t comment on delivery times as I was away when they arrived. The polishes I ordered were well padded, and wrapped in adorable little crepe packages. Sabrina also threw in a mani fizzy which smells lovely and I’m looking forwards to trying it soon!

Till next time,
Love, Jo x

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