Lilypad Lacquer Parma Violet and Hits Speciallità Artemis

Good morning! I’ve got some indie yumminess to show you today. It’s now September, and I embrace the return of rich, vibrant darker vampy shades with wide open arms. My inner drama queen rejoices! (I don’t let her out much)

I’ll start with a gorgeous purple from Lilypad Lacquer, called Parma Violet. This is a rich Cadbury purple with a linear holo. It’s not as holo-y as some polishes I own, but is still very pretty. And it’s purple, so I will love it anyway.


No sun when I took these photos, but here is a bottle shot a day or so later when the sun did peek out:


I used two coats which was perfect, it was almost a one coat wonder and if you have short nails, one coat would probably be fine. I imagine it will be a good stamper!

The next day I decided to stamp on it, using Hits Speciallità Artemis. Artemis is a silver linear holo that on first inspection looked like it would work for stamping, so I was eager to give it a go.


I think it works really well, especially considering I stamped over such a dark colour! The plate I used was from Born Pretty Store (I may have indulged in their recent half price stamping sale!) BP-28. As usual, I had no problems transferring the image from the plate to my nails.


Mmmmm holo sparkles!


I’m very happy to have a silver holo stamper!

I bought Lilypad Lacquer Parma Violet and Hits Speciallità Artemis from Sally Magpies, a UK reseller for many overseas indie brands. There is currently a sale on, including these two pretties, so go and take a look!

Much love,
Jo x

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