Nails Inc Slone Street and Born Pretty Store BP-42

My the last couple of manis have been quite dark, so I decided I needed a nice bright cheerful colour and hopefully encourage the sun out again. It worked for a day or two!

I had a rummage through my helmer (I finally caved and bought one a month or so ago) and pulled out a bright neon pink from Nails Inc. Apologies in advance, but my camera really didn’t like this pink so the photos are a bit off.


I would say that in real life, Slone Street is a shade darker than the photos show. Two coats was still a bit patchy, but three gave a nice even finish. It dried matte, but that is normal for neons. I topcoated after stamping, so all the photos show a glossy finish.


The stamping comes from Born Pretty Store plate BP-42, using MoYou London White Knight stamping polish. I struggled with this one – I find the MoYou London polishes difficult to use and very easy to smear with topcoat. I’m sure it’s my technique, I just need to practice more. Wish Barry M did a white and black foil!


This is my thumbnail, which probably came out the best of all of them. As you can see, this image has lots of random lines and squiggles, and I thought it went well with the pink.

I did like this mani, it looks great from a distance 😉 I’m going to ask for advice on using the MoYou polishes in a Facebook group I’m part of, and see if that will help.

Till next time,
Jo x

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