CMHandmadeUK Midnight Fantasy

It’s Friday! The weekend has landed! Not that I will be out partying – I’m still trying to shake off this flu virus but it’s a persistent little bugger. I’m back at work now at least, but once I’m home all I want to do is sleep. I hate being ill!

To cheer myself up, I thought I’d use one of my untrieds, so I chose a pretty purple from UK indie maker CMHandmadeUK. I really love a good purple polish, and this one has landed squarely into my top 5 purples! Hmmm.. I should do a post on that. When I get a round tuit.

Here is Midnight Fantasy from CMHandmadeUK:


You can tell I’m feeling rough – all I managed to do to it was stick a star on!


Midnight Fantasy is a purple jelly base, loaded with tiny red and blue glitters. They catch the light beautifully as your fingers move, I often caught myself staring at my nails (I blame the flu medicine). The jelly finish gives this polish real depth, allowing the glitters to shine while still being opaque enough to hide nail lines. My photos show three thin coats. I would say that it is slightly more red leaning than the photos show.


The star came from one of the poundshops, not sure which, sorry. It is slightly too large for my curvy nails, so it doesn’t lie flat. I stuck it on with a blob of top coat, then another generous layer of top coat to seal it in. I find that studs last around 24-36 hours doing it this way, I would use nail glue if I wanted them to last longer. I can’t remember which top coat I used – my brain resembles cream cheese at the moment!


CMHandmadeUK polishes are available from their Etsy store. This is a 5ml mini bottle – they have an awesome deal where you pick 3 mini bottles for £5 (plus postage). It’s a great way to try out new polishes, and break out of your comfort zone without breaking the bank! You can also follow them on Instagram for swatch pics and new releases.

Till next time,
Love, Jo x

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