BD Trade Secrets Dizzy Days and Daisy Days

Did you know Tesco has it’s own range of make-up? Designed by make-up artist Barbara Daly, the range was relaunched under the name BD Trade Secrets. Today I’ve got two of their spring polishes to show you.


Dizzy Days is a salmon pink shimmer polish. It is a little sheer, but three thin coats made it reasonably opaque.


I’ve had to adjust the pictures slightly to capture the true colour of this polish, so please forgive the odd skin tone.

Daisy Days is a glitter topper, full of small matte pink and white hex glitters, and large white flower shapes. The flowers come out easily, no fishing required.


I did find that the flower glitters wouldn’t lie flat on my nails, but they didn’t stick up enough to get caught on stuff.


This is one coat of Daisy Days, so you can see the glitter payoff is great.


Quick bottle close up – as you can see, plenty of flowers in there!


A very pretty pastel mani!

BD Trade Secrets polishes are available at larger Tesco stores, priced £3.99 each.

Jo x

2 thoughts on “BD Trade Secrets Dizzy Days and Daisy Days

  1. I had no idea Tesco did their own range, what a great find! The glitter looks fab – and possible a dupe for the new OPI one which is even better!

    1. Ooh yes the soft shades one, I just looked up swatches and it does look like a dupe! There\’s also a similar one by L\’Oreal, though that one has tiny pink bar glitters in too.

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