Geometric pastels with Barry M Speedy polishes

This is my third attempt to write this post. It seems this mani is doomed from execution through to report. I’ve even lost one of the polishes so the bottle line up is one short.

Anyway. This started out well enough – 3 coats of Barry M Speedy Kiss Me Quick, which is a pretty pastel pink. Pastel pinks and I don’t get on well. I love the colour, but my application skills suck. Every review I’ve read on the Speedys said that they were a great formula – I found them streaky, prone to pulling, hard to self level and full of tiny air bubbles. I did like the rounded brush though! 3 coats made a nice finish, and a coat of HK Girl G&G finished off for the evening.


The next day, I was bored of plain pink already. I decided to add some triangles at the tips to add some interest. I used straight nail vinyls to section off the triangles, and painted each one with Barry M Speedy Eat My Dust.


After each nail, I pulled the vinyl off leaving nice straight edges. So far, so good.


I wanted to add lilac triangles to the opposite side of my tips. I put nail vinyls across the design.. forgetting that the blue parts wouldn’t be fully dry yet. After doing three nails, the realisation dawned and I tried to carefully peel off the vinyls, taking huge chunks of blue varnish with them. *sigh*

So I touched up the damage as best I could, then freehanded the lilac triangles on using Lap of Honour, plus a final coat of G&G.


It doesn’t look too bad in the photo, but the tips of my nails had 7-8 coats of polish on in places, which felt horrendous. I removed it straight away!


Lessons learned: don’t layer vinyls without leaving several hours to dry. Plan simpler manis (in fact, just plan, rather than doing things on the fly). Don’t lose bottles of nail polish!

Barry M polishes are available from Boots, Superdrug and larger Tesco stores. My nail vinyls came from and cost £1 per pack.

Better luck next time!

Love, Jo x

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