52 week Challenge week 4 – Grey and colour

Week 4 of the pick n mix challenge is upon us, and I’ve been putting this one off as much as possible! The briefs this week were 70’s, grey and a colour, or a combo of the two. The 70’s didn’t inspire me much – I googled a few patterns which looked OK, but I didn’t have any appropriate colours. I didn’t own a grey polish (unless silver counts?) as I don’t find grey does much for my skin tone. Eventually I caved in, and bought Rimmel Salon Pro Moon. It’s a grey creme. Not finding it inspiring to be honest!

Anyways, I decided to add stripes of colour. Here’s my finished mani:


Possibly I cheated by using a white base? It made the grey look less … grey!

I started with two coats of Barry M Coconut, and then blobbed on a coat of Seche Vite to dry it quickly. I say blobbed, my bottle has gone a bit gunky already and it is nowhere near halfway yet 🙁

Once it was all dry, I used some nail vinyls from She Sells Seashells to tape out the stripes. In hindsight, I should have left less white showing at the edge, especially on my thumb. I then painted a fat stripe of Rimmel Moon, and a thin stripe of colour. I pulled the vinyls off before moving to the next nail. Another blob of Seche Vite at the end to finish off.


I used a lot of polishes for this mani, probably the most I’ve ever used in one go!

White base: Barry M – Coconut
Grey stripes: Rimmel Salon Pro – Moon
Pinkie: Barry M – Cardamon
Ring: Myface.Cosmetics – Caribbean Queen
Middle: Revlon – Moonlit Woods
Index: Maybelline Color Show – Pink Boom
Thumb: Nicole by OPI – Please Red-cycle

Overall, I’m happy how this came out, especially considering how much I tried to avoid doing it!



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Jo x


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