52 Week Challenge week 2 – 3 Colour Gradient

Time for Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52 week pic n mix challenge again! This week the brief is to do a 3 colour gradient, or a pink manicure, or combine the two. I’m choosing to do the gradient, and hopefully I’ll have time to do a pink mani later in the week.

#52wcpnm 3-Colour gradient

There are three colours in there, honest! I used a base of Maybelline Color Show ‘Pink Boom’, then sponged on a gradient of ‘Pink Boom’, Barry M ‘Coral’ and Nicole by OPI ‘Please Red-cycle’ and finished off with a coat of Seche Vite. All the colours were never before tried by me!

Maybelline 'Pink Boom', Barry M 'Coral', Nicole by OPI 'Please Red-cycle'

Unfortunately the Coral was quite thin, so it blended into the red and almost vanished. Next time, I need to use thicker polishes.

3 colour gradient

Not bad though, and certainly a lot less mess involved than last time! I’ve been wearing this for a couple of days now, hence a bit of tip wear on the photos.

52 Week Pic'n'mix challenge

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