Poundland graffiti glitter polish

I visited my local Poundland the other day, mostly to look at the end of line polishes (more about my haul later!) but also to peek at their Pretty range. (Is it just me that thinks Pretty is a naff name for a line of polish?)

I veered away from the nail caviar – I am not sprinkling hundreds and thousands over my nails for anyone – instead I picked up one of the Graffiti effect glitters in Red. Or possibly Blue. The bottle doesn’t say and I’ve thrown away the cardboard pack. Bottle close up:


Its a clear base, full of gold, red and dark blue bars, and red and teal hex glitters. Lovely!

I started off with a coat of OPI nail envy, then two coats of Rimmel 60 second Black. I struggled with the black polish, dunno if I have a bad bottle, a thin coat dried so quickly that the brush dragged the polish, and a thicker coat seemed gloopy. Two coats was a reasonable finish, but not as smooth as I expected. I then added a coat of the glitter – the brush picked up the glitter nicely, no fishing around in the bottle, but did drag the pieces to the end of the nail. I ended up dabbing glitter into place.


I topped it all off with a coat of INM Out The Door. Unfortunately, it seemed to take hours to dry properly, and I ended up smearing a couple of nails badly an hour or so later. I’m so clumsy I should come with a health warning. I did expect the top coat to dry it all much faster though. Must get some Seche Vite and try that. However, once it did dry (I patched up the smears), the wear has been great, only a little tip wear after two days.

Jo x

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