Stamping on gel polish

aka Damn, that’s pink!

I’d like to say that I didn’t have much idea in mind for this mani, except I wanted to try out stamping. In hindsight, I didn’t choose the greatest colours. The result was uber-pink-girly, which is pretty, but not really me! Because it is gel it will last two weeks, I’m now on day 5 and sick of it!


I started off with one coat of Sensational base & top, then started painting Sensational Pink Chiffon on every nail except my ring finger, which used the white from the Sensationail French manicure kit. Its the first time I’ve ever used the white, it took 3 coats to look even remotely decent. If I was wearing it alone, I would have done another. The Pink Chiffon also seemed to apply patchy, I found that thicker layers helped. This is pretty sheer, and took 4 coats to get to the point that I couldn’t see my nail line any more. I then added a coat of Fuse Polar Bare to my thumb and little finger to add a bit of shimmer, and then top coated the lot.

On to the stamping. I didn’t think it would work using gels, so I rummaged through my stash of regular polishes. I don’t have many any more, something I want to improve as soon as finances allow! I found an old Superdrug Kolor polish in Chiffon (seriously, this bottle must be at least a decade old) which matched the Pink Chiffon, found a nice image from my Cheeky plates and got to it. I left it ages (probably a couple of hours) and then added another coat of Sensationail topcoat.

Then I got bored and added some little gems. I think I got carried away. No change there then.



Jo x

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